Sadly the COVID-19 coronavirus restrictions only allow a maximum of 10 family members, and in some cases just 2, to attend a funeral. In many cases this is never going to be enough to provide the send-off that a family is looking for.

The current situation of having a service on the day with so few people in attendance, and the pressure of trying to create a good send-off to be streamed live from the chapel, is both immense and difficult to achieve.


So instead of making a live service the focus of the funeral, you can calmly follow a pre-recorded personalised service at the chapel which has been lovingly and sympathetically put together along with a faultless eulogy.

Then all you have to do is turn up to the chapel, settle down in the pews with a smart phone or tablet, put on your ear phones and follow the personalised online video service at the same time as all your family and friends are doing so at their homes.

The result is a much more relaxed funeral where the stress has been removed by the knowledge that the service will be as good as it could possibly be, and that your family and friends are joining in, in real time, from the safety of their homes, and able to pay their last respects with your family.

There is an added advantage insomuch that a digital copy of your Personalised Online Funeral Service may also be a way for future generations to remember someone, and that it can be used for a wake or commemorative service sometime in the future.


Sadly I lost my father on the 17th March 2020 just as the Coronavirus COVID-19 hit our society! It was terrible because only my brother and I could attend the service when so many others wanted to.

I desperately needed a way that our family and friends could join in with the service, so I used my video skills to create something that everyone could follow in real time and which would reflect what was actually going on in the chapel.

Fortunately modern communication equipment means that most people have smart phones, tablets and TV's so I made the video using my father's favourite music, some old photos and a written obituary to inform viewers of his life. Once put together I downloaded hard copies onto my brother's and my iPads and gave a link to family and friends to follow from home at the same time.

We all started our devices at the agreed time and my brother and I sat in the chapel watching the service whilst others did the same thing at home. At the point the video showed the curtain closing, the actual curtain was closing at the chapel.

It was an emotional moment for all of us and I was delighted to have so many people thanking me afterwards for making them feel a part of the service. It went down much better than I had imagined.

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Dedicated to the memory of my wonderful father Charles Beal