From your PC

If you are wanting to save the sample of a personalised online funeral service to your computer then you are given the option to either play or download it.


These instructions are for an iPad/iPhone. I am not familiar with other devices but I expect that they work along the same lines.

1) Click on the download button next to the sample file. Either you will be given the choice to download, in which case you have done it, or it may just start playing. If that is the case then continue reading...

NB If you don't have the app 'Documents' by Readdle then please install it on your iPhone/iPad. it is a brilliant app, something you can trust and are likely to use regularly.

2) Copy the URL address at the top of the page into memory and close the page.

3) Open Documents app and tap on the 'Browser' icon Browser Icon at the top of the left hand menu column then paste the link into the URL address bar at the top of the page. Press enter.

4) The file will now start downloading. Once it has finished you can tap on the download icon at the top of your page (little arrow pointing down to a horizontal line) and it will display the file name which you can click on to start. You can delete it later from this same location.

Playing your download on iPhone/iPad

You can either open and play the file in your 'Documents' app, or you can go to your "Files App" (I recommend that you download it from the Apps store if you haven't got it) and at the bottom of the page you will see a "Recents" tab. If you click it then you will see the file that you have downloaded.

3) Once you have finished with the file you should delete it to free up valuable space on your device but don’t do that if you want to keep it for the future.

Further Information

This sample is the small file size suitable for smart phones and tablets. If you ordered a service then you would also get the big full HD file suitable for smart TV's and bigger screens.

I have just used royalty free music but your personal video service would have the music that you choose.

At exactly 15 minutes into the video you will see the curtains closing. You would time this to coinside with the actual closing of the curtains in the chapel by agreeing that everyone starts their video service at the appropriate time on the day of the service.

I have included the sample video here as it will be easier to follow these instructions with the video on the same page.

Mobile phone/tablet quality

Best for Mobile Phones and Tablets
Play or Download