The problem... You can only have a handful of people at the service, and do you really want to invite loved ones who are isolating themselves for their own safety? It puts everyone in a very awkward position.

How can you have a meaningful service without anyone there? How can you be sure to involve your friends and family?

I decided to create a personalised online funeral service which worked really well for our family, and whilst it might not be for everyone, it certainly offers an effective alternative to what is otherwise a very distressing situation...

A way forward... Giving family and friends the opportunity to participate in the funeral and to pay their last respects even though they can't attend in person.

Uniqueness... A personalised online funeral service, prepared in advance, using your chosen songs and photos along with your own written eulogy that everyone can follow together on their smart TV, laptop, tablet etc., in real time, and in the safety of their home.

Suitable for... Anyone who is trying to arrange a funeral in these difficult times where COVID-19 restrictions are ruining the chance of giving a loved one the send-off that they deserve.

The service... Just one or two members of the family actually go to the chapel where, at a specific time they, along with family and friends, start the personalised online funeral service on their phone/tablet and listen through headphones. There will be a minutes silence on the video for people to reflect, and then curtains will close, just as the curtains close in the chapel for the final piece of music that ends the service.

Cost... £300 all in. That includes putting together the personalised online funeral service and making it available online in full HD. In real terms it will be a lot less as you will be saving around £200 by not requiring a celebrant to conduct the service, plus the cost of the audio/video system at the chapel which can be expensive.

Keep it... This personalised online funeral service is not only your stand alone funeral service but it can also be used at a Wake or Memorial service sometime in the future. Furthermore it is also a great way to involve family and friends abroad who couldn't attend, and then last, but not least, it will serve as a long lasting family memento for future generations.