The purpose of this sample is for you to get an idea of what you would receive and also to make sure that you, or a family member, are familiar with what is required to download your service onto various devices. Start by downloading this sample onto your phone or tablet as this tends to be more difficult than onto a PC or laptop.

Familiarise yourself with the process so that you can tell your family and friends what to do should you decide to order a personalise online funeral service. Try also downloading onto a memory stick and playing it on your smart TV if you have one.

Best for mobile phones & tablets I appreciate that you could just watch it using your mobile signal but this is not recommended. It would be terrible if you discovered there was poor internet reception just when you needed it, or that there was a problem with the website.

If you get stuck then send me an email including your phone number and I will try and help.

When you order a service you will have access to 3 different file sizes suitable for mobile phones, PC's and large smart Tv's which you can download and keep. This sample is the lower quality but faster loading file and I have used royalty free music although your personal online funeral service would have the music that you provide.

If you skip 14 minutes you will be at the minute silence which is followed by the curtains closing. Obviously this is very symbolic moment and will occur at precisely the time that the actual curtains are closing in the chapel.